About Us

Well Hello There!

Hey, fancy meeting you here! We applaud your commitment to knowing who you're buying from, or for your insatiable curiosity, or whatever motivation brought you here. No matter what your reason for clicking that About Us button, we welcome you with open arms and hope that you enjoy what we have to say. Though we know that very few who come to our store ever make their way to this page, know that we have spent countless hours trying to make this information worthy of your visit. What are you waiting for...read on!

Why Coffee and Cats?

It's easy to relate to folks who love coffee, and folks who love cats. I mean, that applies to an awful lot of people, right? We have a passion for both, and when we decided to start our store, we knew we had to focus on something that would motivate us with joy.

Creating designs, no matter what AI comes along, is not an easy task. It takes work, creativity, and endless re-do's until we come up with something we really, really like; something we ourselves would buy if we saw it elsewhere. Nothing less will do for us, or for you. That kind of effort has to be motivated by something more than a passing interest, more than a desire to create an income stream. We knew that if we focused on these two things for which we have an abundance of love - coffee and cats - we would have the best foundation for creating, building, and sharing our passions.

Why Buy From Us?

Let's be honest. There are thousands of ecommerce stores out there hoping to catch your eye, many of them just as worthy of your hard earned dollar as we are. We aren't the only store out there creating their own designs either. We won't waste your time with some inane attempt to say we're better than someone else. What we will say is this. We create these designs in the hopes to entertain, and we put them on products most people use in their daily lives. We are good, honest, hard working folks who are having just the best time being our creative quirky selves, and if you like something we create, awesome. We will celebrate every sale we make because that means someone out there loved what we created, and that motivates us all the more. 

And Finally...

Wow, you're still reading!?! Thank you, really. Thank you for wanting to know a little more about us. We hope that your visit to our store, even if you leave without purchasing a thing, brightens your day a little. Go enjoy a luxurious cup of coffee and a cat cuddle. You deserve it!